4 Incredible Health Benefits Of Fasting

Do you get any benefits from fasting or does fasting have detrimental health effects? This is a constant debate in the medical industry today. As you can infer from the title of this article, we totally favor the former as we have proof to back up our statement. In this article, we provide you with the 4 top benefits of incorporating fasting in your life.

Fasting Detoxifies Your Body

Regular fasting helps to detoxify the body by flushing all the toxins out. With the digestive system at rest, the body can very effectively clean the blood to process and dish out harmful toxins that degenerate the health of an individual. In normal conditions, where a large amount of bad food is ingested by the body, the scope of discharging the impurities becomes tough due to the sheer volume of toxic chemicals. With fasting, the body gets the much needed time to clean and detoxify itself. Moreover, the cells in the body also efficiently recycle waste material and repair themselves during fasting.

Fasting Paves Way To Mental Clarity

Fasting improves brain function by increasing the production of a protein called BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) that interacts with the cognitive parts of the brain in the hippocampus, basal forebrain, and cortex. Hence, increased levels of protein in the brain leads to better clarity and focus. With high levels of BDNF in the brain, conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases can also be prevented. Fasting also helps to minimize the physical trauma in the brain by reducing oxidative stress.

Fasting Helps To Reduce Weight

Fasting will make you consume fewer meals which in turn reduces the calorie intake. When the body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to burn, it relies on burning and utilizing the stored fat for energy. Hence regular fasting can facilitate significant changes in the waist line and reduces belly fat. So with fasting, you can kill two birds with one stone, there is an abrupt increase the body’s metabolism rate followed by a substantial reduction in the calorie intake. Studies show that fasting increases metabolism rate in the body by 3 to 14%.

In addition to the above benefits fasting also helps to enhance the function of the immune system, improves skin tone, improves eating patterns and prevent acne to a greater extent. Hence incorporating fasting in your diet pattern can offer an array of health benefits. However, fasting should not be prolonged for a longer duration as it will exhaust the body. Healthy people can usually fast for 24 hours at a stretch.