Significant Health Benefits Of Yoga Practices

Yoga has been benefiting a substantially large number of people since time immemorial. Off late, western science is also recognizing the superior health benefits provided by yoga. Many yoga teachers claim that yoga is not just for the physical well-being but it benefits the whole human system including mind and energy system. Nevertheless, below are some of the numerous health benefits of yoga in practitioners life.

Become More Flexible

Yoga brings flexibility in the body if practiced regularly. In fact, this is the first benefit acquired by doing yoga. Going to the gym can improve your muscle tone and make you look muscular but at the same time it can make your body rigid. Many experts argue that a rigid body is not a fit body. Yoga in addition to toning the muscles doesn’t bring rigidity to the body.

Improve The Spinal Health

Owing to the lifestyle of the modern generation, who spend most of their time sitting, the spine is always in a curved state and is immobile. The shock absorbers and the vertebrae of the spine need movement once in a while so they can perform their function more effectively. Inactivity of the spine leads to weakening of the spine which in turn leads to various other health conditions. Hence including spinal movement yoga can be very crucial for overall health of an individual. Yoga also helps to alleviate the pain because it improves the blood circulation in the body. By stretching their muscles the practitioners can see significant improvement in their pain symptoms.

Lowers The Blood Pressure

Some asanas in yoga also help to lower the blood pressure if done on a consistent basis. There are also many clinical studies to back this theory. Studies showed that blood pressure was reduced significantly when doing certain asanas in yoga. For example shavasana which is performed by lying flat on the back with the legs and the hands comfortably spread apart can do magic in lowering blood pressure levels.

Improves Your Focus

Yoga involves focusing on the present so it brings awareness and improves the focus of an individual. Many exercises in yoga would require you to stand still in one position by focusing on a point in front of you. These types of asanas will greatly improve the focus of a person. The benefits of yoga can even be extended to the memory aspect of the mind. We tend to function and remember things better if our mind is clear and not cluttered with thoughts.

Limb Tension

Yoga can release the tension that is stored in the limbs and improves the quality of life of a person. The position you sit at your desk and the scrunching of your face when you look at a computer screen can create a lot of tension in the body by the end of the day. All this tension can be released while doing certain yoga poses. However, it gives the maximum beneficial effect if you can hold each posture for at least 8 to 10 seconds.

Promotes Better Sleep

Inducing a sound sleep throughout the night can be achieved by yoga because yoga poses focus on breathing and relaxation. During certain poses if the posture can be held for a long enough time the tension in the specific areas of the body get released thereby producing a relaxing effect. Research also states people who are suffering from insomnia have noticed improvements in their sleep quality after performing pre-bed time yoga for 2 weeks. This can also be attributed to the ability of yoga to de-stress a person’s mind which also promotes relaxation.