Excellent health and wellness tips for women

No matter what social status you have, what culture, religion or race you belong to, maintaining good health is a pre-requisite for everyone to live a happy life. Although it is believed that money can bring anything, health is one thing that money fails to bring. The health of an individual only depends on how cautiously an individual is living his/her life. Women, on the other hand, are more vulnerable to illnesses and restlessness in light of the multi-faceted functions they perform. Hence in this article, we provide simple but excellent health and wellness tips that women of all ages can easily integrate with their life.

Health tips for working women

Working women often need to multi task and find a balance between family, work and their overall wellbeing. Tackling such variety of situations throughout the day demands high energy and focus. Due to these scenario’s many working women are becoming a victim of fatigue and obesity. Given below are few simple tips that can keep one healthy and organized.

  • Cook more at home – Make simple recipes at home by planning your breakfast and lunch ahead of time.
  • Consume a diet that is rich in proteins and minerals.
  • For back pain and joint pain that arise from bad sitting position in office chairs, take pain medications like tramadol and soma which can help you relax your muscles.
  • If you have cravings throughout the day, stick to tasty delights that are also healthy. Some delightful snacks would be groundnut or sesame bars made of jaggery, oats bars and various types of dry fruits and nuts. This not only keeps you full but also satisfies your taste buds.
  • Create and exercise regimen and stick to it. Exercising regularly can alleviate your mood and keep you energetic throughout the day.
  • Drink soothing herbal teas to relax your mind after a hectic work day.
  • Listen to relaxing music when you are doing your chores. This will keep you calm and happy.

Health tips for menstruating women

Many women experience periods as the most stressful and frustrating time. Moreover, during this period the risk of infection and STD’s increases, so each woman should incorporate healthy hygienic habits to stay from infections. Below are the tips to follow during menstruating.

  • Take bath twice a day and wash your hands every time after relieving yourself in the washroom.
  • Change sanitary pads regularly. The bacteria present in the menstrual blood will become contaminated after leaving the body. Hence changing the pad regularly ensures your health and protects you from infections.
  • The vagina has its own cleaning mechanism, so avoid using soaps.
  • Consume strengthening foods that are high in iron, fiber and lean protein.
  • Bloating during period can be minimized by snacking smart and eating foods that low in salt and sugar. Also refrain from carbonated drinks during this period.

Health tips for pregnant women

Pregnancy can be made more joyful and less stressful if some precautions are taken to maintain the health of the body and mind. So the below tips can be used by pregnant women to pass through pregnancy with fewer complications.

  • Wear clothing that is loose fitting and made of 100 % cotton.
  • Follow an exercise pattern specifically designed for pregnant women. As some exercises might not be suitable during pregnancy, be careful in choosing a fitness regimen.
  • Do not work with harmful kitchen or toilet chemicals during pregnancy. Inhaling such toxic chemicals can detriment your health. Also, avoid heavy scrubbing or cleaning.
  • Go for regular walks, particularly in natural places. Getting some fresh air can provide a great relief.
  • Incorporate some breathing techniques in your daily routine and do it soon after waking up. This paves way to you maintaining your stability all through the day.

Perfect health is not so far-fetched, as one effortlessly lead life free of medical ailments by opting right methods and techniques for healthy living.