Top health and nutrition tips

Many people get confused in understanding what is healthy eating. We explain healthy eating as the intake of food in balanced proportions which has rich nutrients from all sources of food. At, we have taken measures to educate people on how health and nutrition is closely associated and how healthy eating can impact a person’s wellbeing at large. Mastering nutrition basics is very important to understand the specific role of each nutrient and how it boosts one’s health.

Here are our top health and nutrition tips following which will make you lead a healthy and illness free life.

Include nuts

Nuts are feared by many people due to their fat component. Since nuts are loaded with magnesium, Vitamin E, fiber and other essential minerals, they are incredibly nutritious to the human body. They help in fighting obesity, weight loss mechanism, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and also enhance metabolism.

Avoid sugary drinks

Sugary drinks are supposed to be the most dangerous drinks as they comprise of high sugar content which can increase your body weight extensively. Liquid sugary drinks and calories do not get registered with brain as in the case of solid food substances. When you have liquid beverages or aerated drinks such as soda, you end up consuming more calories.

Say no to processed foods

Processed foods have never been good for health as they contain added sugars, refined grains and preservatives which can damage the body greatly. These foods can trick our brain into eating more and make one addicted to them. Also, they do not have any fiber, protein or micronutrients in them, so are zero nutrition packs. Hence processed foods are not good for health and are better avoided.

Get adequate sleep

One of the major ingredients for good health apart from foods is to have enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can make a person weaker and can also decrease their immunity power. Sleep is as important as food and exercise. It is advisable for people not to compromise on their quality of sleep and sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours. Poor sleep can invite insulin resistance, can deteriorate appetite, can hinder productivity both physically and mentally, and above all can pose as the greatest risk for weight gain and obesity.

Cut artificial trans fats

Artificial trans fats are not good for health and are harmful especially if you have any illness or diseases in the body. These are man-made processed foods, made by adding lot of preservatives. These are strongly linked to heart disease and ailments, and also cause inflammation to certain parts of the body.

Eat fatty fish and egg yolk

Fatty fish is always good for health. Salmon especially is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and many other nutrients. People who eat fish have lower risk of depression, heart diseases and dementia. Also whole eggs are filled with rich nutrition and are regarded as multivitamin food. Some people fear to eat the yellow portion of egg fearing it to increase cholesterol. Research suggests that egg yolks burn fat faster and also have no effect on blood cholesterol.

Include spices and herbs

Make sure that at least twice a week, your diet has good amount of spices and herbs. These are considered to have the potential of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects thereby giving various health benefits. Herbs like ginger, turmeric and spices such as nutmeg, pepper possess great nutrition content in them.

Increase protein intake

Protein is incredibly good for one’s body and assists in reducing body weight. They are good for building muscles and also boost metabolism activity. Protein often makes your stomach feel full, so you take less food. This helps in losing body weight tremendously and also improve your health at large. Protein also helps in lowering blood sugar levels along with blood glucose levels.